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Morning creativity

Write & Shine morning writing workshops and online courses are open to everyone, whether you’re new to writing, have some experience or simply want more creativity into your working day. We find inspiration from modern life and the seasons, while exploring the craft of writing. Research shows we’re more creative in the morning. When we wake, we’re incredibly sensitive to the sights and sounds of our environment. Join us to discover why this is the best time to think, dream and imagine.
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Spring Season

Our programme runs all through the year and follows the seasons. From March to May 2021, we’re hosting morning writing workshops, retreats and events taking inspiration from spring’s clear light, rain showers and a sense of the world growing, blossoming and unfurling around us. The programme has an overall theme of ‘Light.’ Join us for a vibrant set of events including workshops on swans and street lamps, dawn and discos. It’s going to be fun!
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My Creative Life

Award-winning author Diana Evans joins Write & Shine for our springtime talk on Tuesday 11 May (7.30-8.30am). Diana will discuss her creative life, where she finds inspiration, and how she uses the weather to chart the lives of her characters.

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What our members say

“It’s made me more committed to my writing & helped me to generate a fantastic range of work – flash fiction, poetry, life writing, journal articles. Writing can be a lonely affair, but Write & Shine provides a lovely, friendly community.”

Shamini, Write & Shine Member
“The workshops give me structure as I start to make writing more than just a hobby. Each week I leave feeling excited about what I have scribbled down in my notebook & my best pieces of writing have without fail been from an early morning Write & Shine workshop. I am absolutely sure my membership is making me a better writer!”

Becca, Write & Shine Member
“Write & Shine morning workshops have been rocket fuel for my writing life for several years now. The seasonal membership is the best value option as it gets me writing every week (no excuses!) & I love being part of such an inspirational and supportive writing community.”

Terri, Write & Shine Member
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Rewilding Creativity

Listen to Gemma Seltzer and Jackee Holder in conversation about mornings, walking, writing and the natural world.

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