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Write & Shine adds a little more creativity to your day.

Write & Shine workshops and online courses are open to everyone—whether you’re new to writing, have some experience or simply want to add more creativity into your day.

We embrace morning creativity and invite you to find inspiration in modern life, while exploring the craft of writing. Research shows we’re more creative in the morning. When we wake, we’re incredibly sensitive to the sights and sounds of our environment. It’s the best time to think, dream and imagine. Writing early captures all kinds of ideas before your inner critic rears its head.

Our programme

Write & Shine’s programme is a mixture of early morning workshops (currently offered digitally via Zoom), writing retreats, events and an online library of creative courses to inspire you.


Our workshop programme is led by London-based writer Gemma Seltzer and follows the natural seasons. We run events regularly throughout the year.

Each session will take a single topic and delve deeply into the subject, using inspiring exercises to prompt new writing. Everyone leaves the workshop with a few drafts ready to develop further in their own time. Just bring a pen and a notebook.

Explore our current programme here.

The Write & Shine programme is led by London-based writer and early riser Gemma Seltzer. She set up Write & Shine in 2015, following a collaboration with a photographer in 5am London, which captured the city during the first part the day. Gemma makes all kinds of literary projects and has enjoyed performance and writing commissions from organisations such as Age UK, BBC Radio 3, Tate Modern and the Venice Biennale.


A Write & Shine online subscription gives you unlimited access to our library of courses for just £3.99 a month. Each course is inspired by a theme and is made up of four timed exercises. New courses are added every week for you to enjoy. All you need is a pen, a notebook and a quiet space to allow your creativity to flow. Subscribe here.

Unlimited access to both our workshops and online courses is available to Write & Shine members. You can read more about becoming a member here.

Work with us!

Write & Shine has featured in the Financial Times magazine, Time Out and A Little Bird and has run bespoke sessions for a range of organisations including Adidas, the London Library, Meetup, the Royal Society of Literature, Samsung and Paperchase. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out how your company or venue could benefit from one of our sessions.

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There is more information on our FAQ page, but if you have any questions contact us here.

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