Our programme offers three enticing ways to start your day with a burst of creativity. Come along to a London workshop, sign up for an online course or join an early morning writing retreat for time and space to focus on your writing. Choose your inspiration!

The workshops last 90 minutes and take place in central London. Writer Gemma Seltzer facilitates, setting morning-themed exercises and encouraging you to create pieces of poetry, fiction or life writing. Sessions use the stuff of life to prompt new writing. Some weeks, it’ll be old London maps; photographs; published articles, fiction, plays, poetry and memoir; Lego figures; strawberries; dice or that morning’s Metro for inspiration. Other times, the mood might be lifted with music, or by exploring the sight, sounds, and texture of the first part of the day.

The focus is on generating writing, so you won’t be expected to share your work-in-progress. This offers great freedom and encourages all kinds of unexpected ideas to emerge. Please bring a pen, and a notebook or paper. There’ll be quiet writing time, plus a light breakfast of hot drinks, fruit and pastries provided. Take a look at some pictures from a recent workshop on our Facebook page.

The online courses last four weeks. They are self-guided and contain unique writing prompts delivered directly to your email inbox once a week at 6am (BST/GMT), ready for you to complete that morning. We suggest allowing at least 60 minutes to finish each session. These courses offer you a chance to carve out some private writing time, at home, at work, or on the move. Write & Shine is on hand during the four-week course to motivate you to write – and continue writing.

From 1 June, each online course will start at 6am the morning after purchased, unless otherwise stated. If you book before the summer season begins, please expect the first dispatch in your inbox at 6am on 1 June! We launch a new course each quarter.

These open sessions offer a peaceful and friendly environment for you to bring your work-in-progress or test ideas. Ideal for those of you who dream of time to write, but struggle to make space in your busy working life. Rather than a facilitated workshop, these sessions provide a short morning writing retreat in the supportive company of other writers. Writing prompts, creativity books and props will be on hand for inspiration. A light breakfast of hot drinks, fruit and pastries will be available, too.

"There's something about starting your day with the sun streaming through the window and setting the paper on fire with your pen."