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Listen and be inspired by our new series of audio talks.

Write & Shine audio workshops and talks are a new addition to the programme, offering you inspiration from the comfort of your own home.

Sit back and enjoy our ‘Rewilding Creativity’ talk, originally recorded with an online audience and featuring author Jackee Holder, then turn to the page for ‘Organise,’ the first in our series of 30-minute creative writing sessions.

Write & Shine · Rewilding Creativity with Jackee Holder

Rewilding Creativity

with Jackee Holder. Recorded 23 September 2020

Write & Shine’s Gemma Seltzer is joined by author, coach and tree-lover Jackee Holder for conversation on mornings, walking, writing and the natural world.
About Jackee

Write & Shine · Observe

Guided writing course

Enjoy a free 30-minute creative writing course from Write & Shine’s Gemma Seltzer! ‘Observe’ is the first in the series of three morning writing courses aiming to help you focus, organise your time and ignite brilliant new creative ideas. Subscribers can access all three in our online library.
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