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Autumn Programme 2022

A lovely season of early morning writing workshops, retreats and events

Join us for workshops inspired by falling leaves, deer and autumn’s full, bright moons. This season, we’ll also explore creative rituals and daily routines, looking in particular to women writers and artists.

We’ll think about how to develop good writing habits, prompted by Doris Lessing who said these were result of “trial and error, and then when you’ve found your needs, what feeds you, what is your instinctive rhythm and routine, then cherish it.”

All events take place virtually on Zoom, UK time.


Thursday 22 September (6.30-7.30pm) & Friday 23 September (7.15-9am)

Mark the autumn equinox with this special two-part workshop. We’ll gather in the evening as the sun sets, then meet again in the morning for a workshop celebrating the new season and considering how we create space in our lives, and our minds, for new ideas to flow.
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Wednesday 28 September (7.15-9am)

Joan Didion needed an hour alone before dinner with a strong drink. Hilary Mantel swears by a hot shower to loosen ideas. Sumayya Usmani surrounds herself with plants. In this slow, gentle workshop, we’ll savour short stories, pause with poetry and indulge our senses to feed our creativity.
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Read, Read, Read

Thursday 29 September (7.15-9am)

Nikki Giovanni says the only writing habit she has is to read: “Every day I read something.” In this workshop, we’ll explore the relationship between writing and reading, and take inspiration from all kinds of reading materials, including poetry, comics, letters, adverts and cereal packets!
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Friday 7 October (7.15-9am)

It’s deer season! Join us for a workshop inspired by the six species of deer which live wild in Britain—seven including a small herd of reindeer in Scotland. We’ll consider poetry, films and artwork depicting these majestic, iconic animals.
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Doing the Dishes

Tuesday 11 October (7.15-9am)

“The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes,” said Agatha Christie. Long unbroken days to commit to creativity are rare for many of us, so this workshop explores how everyday domestic rituals of life can offer moments to dream, notice, plan and write.
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Friday 28 October (7.15-9am)

A workshop on how writing can express and shape fury and frustration. Zadie Smith says she can only write when she feels a sense of urgency. Join us to explore how anger and necessity, deadlines and determination, are all galvanising forces for creativity.
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Tuesday 1 November (7.15-9am)

Magnificent as they soar, loop and plunge over wild, open moorlands and mountains, golden eagles have broad wingspans and distinctive colouring. A workshop taking inspiration from these huge birds of prey, as well as the glorious white-tailed eagle and buzzards.
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Candlelit Writing Retreat

Thursday 3 November (7.15-9.30am)

Bring your work in progress, along with a hot drink and candles, and join us for a peaceful writing retreat—with some gentle writing prompts to start. The session will begin in darkness, gather energy from the sunrise and conclude with the light of the morning.
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Tuesday 8 November (7.15-9am)

For November’s full moon, known as the Beaver Moon and the Frost Moon, we’ll gather for a writing workshop on ritual, ceremony and rites. Join us to explore the magic, wisdom and practices of welcoming and celebrating the moon in different traditions, art and literature.
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Tuesday 15 November (7.15-9am)

This is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness! Under clear autumn skies, mist rises in the early mornings, and we’ll use this to inspire new poems, stories and life writing. A workshop on haunting mists and fogs, views obstructed and capturing strange, disorientating moments in words.
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Living on the Page

Thursday 17 November (7.15-9am)

To close our season, we’ll host a workshop on the relationship between life and writing, inspired by autofiction, essay and memoir writers like Annie Ernaux and Teju Cole. And Sheila Heti who says: “I want writing and living to be one thing, so that writing is just me living, but on the page—an extension of the living I was doing before I sat down to write.”
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